Choosing the Right Contractor for Home Renovations

choosing-the-right-contractor-for-home-renovationsOur home is one of the prized gems in our life. It is the best place to unwind after a busy day. We want to keep it in the best shape possible. But over time, through the natural process of wear and tear, some parts of our house eventually break down. Fortunately, we can hire the services of contractors or construction companies such as the construction company in Brooklyn, New York to restore broken or dilapidated areas in our home to their original shape. But before we hire a contractor/construction company to do the renovation job, let’s check the following important things first to ensure we get the best possible results.

  • Verify license and registration status

    We must confirm that the contractor/construction company that we hire is presently registered with the state. We can also request proof of insurance and check their Construction Supervisor License if necessary. All registered contractors like the interior construction in New York are required to show on all of their ads, contracts, and permits their six-digit registration number. This is to make sure that the company conforms to the standards set by the state, resulting in safe and best quality services.

  • Know which contractors are exempted from HIC registration

    Some contractors are not required to register, such as those whose business is to install and provide air conditioning and central heating, devices that conserve energy like solar panels, landscaping work, interior painting, etc. Licensed professionals like the architects, plumbers, and electricians who give services within the area of their specialization are exempted as well.

  • Verify contractor references

    Let’s make sure that we ask the contractor references for their last 3 projects. This written list should include the owners’ names, contact numbers, and addresses. Check if these owners experienced any problems with the contractor/construction company for any project such as interior construction.

  • Make sure the contractor has liability insurance

    Before any construction work is done to our home, such as wall and floor covering or bathroom remodel, let’s see to it that the contractor has ample liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance as well.

Twilight Construction Inc. guarantees that we have met all the qualifications set by the state to ensure that you will receive excellent service. For all your construction work needs, call or visit us at 8609 Ave B Upper Level, Brooklyn, New York today.

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