Installing Your Own Cabinet Hardware and How We Help


If you have time in your hands, a space for a cabinet, and a passion to learn, doing your own home installations may not be so bad. As long as you practice safety and learn what to do as much as you can beforehand.

  • Make the door rail your guide. You may soon find that there is no definite location for knobs and pulls for your cabinet. A good standard practice is to line up the knob with the top of the bottom door rail. You need to put them in the center of the door stile.
  • Fixed attachments can be a hassle when you are stuck in the wrong place. Try temporary adhesives first. A reusable putty adhesive can give you time to determine the best position for your knobs and pulls.
  • There are templates you can use. Templates can make your job easier. It can serve as a guide when you are installing your cabinet set. It can ensure uniformity in your locations.

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